It’s no secret that the world around us is rapidly evolving and technology advancements seem to be moving at lightning speed, with businesses forced to adapt or get left behind. It can be an overwhelming environment for many business owners, particularly due to the amount of choice on the market when it comes to new products and systems that are available.

The automotive repair industry is not exempt from the fast-paced way of doing business that we are all facing these days. Many businesses in the industry are struggling to keep up with the demands of production whilst maintaining efficiency and keeping costs to a minimum, which is why it is more important than ever to ensure your spray painting equipment is supporting the business in more ways than one.

We have seen a growing need for efficient, time-saving, cost effective and high-volume solutions in the vehicle repair sector and there are some stand-out products for smash repair shops that have quickly become the missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle.

There is one significant process that can be altered to improve production time in smash repair shops and that is paint curing. R&I Zambesi recommends a few key products to their customers that can help dramatically reduces the amount of time it takes to cure water-based paints.

There are many products on the market that assist in improving this process however the Z Team have shortlisted their top products / features that they think give smash repair shops the “best bang for their buck” when it comes to rapid paint curing.


The Z-Air Flash Off Cycle is another function that can be added to Z-Air Spray Booths which is designed to speed up the drying time of eco-friendly water-based paints. The flash off technology uses auxiliary air movement and increased air temperature to speed up the curing of water based paints. This function allows for the water to evaporate more rapidly into the air stream resulting in quicker drying times between base coats. Not only does the feature cut down drying times, it is also fully automated and allows a spray painter to be working on other tasks whilst the spray booth works its magic. If used correctly alongside an effective workshop flow system, the Z Team estimate an additional 1-2 average repairs per day can be achieved when using the Flash Off Cycle – saving businesses time and increasing profits!


The Infrared PowerCure Arch is a great product that is used inside spray booths to speed up paint curing time. Many businesses are opting for this feature as it cures in 10 minutes or less with another 10 minutes of cool down time. When used inside a spray booth, this rapid curing system increases production whilst also saving energy by using smart technology to only use the exact energy needed for the curing job. It turns on and off in a fraction of a second with no pre-heating required. Hire the best Spray booth Australia service provider.

There has been a multitude of products and features enter the automotive repair market over the past 30 years such as rapid air drying systems and blowers, the Z Team has seen them all. However, R&I Zambesi are passionate about providing only the best solutions for their customers which is why they recommend efficient, time-saving, cost effective and high-volume features for businesses within the vehicle repair sector. Their goal is to improve and products only the best products available within the industry to assist businesses to continue to be successful and profitable. Contact us here through this link:

The Z-Air control board featuring the user-friendly Flash Off Cycle.

Infrared PowerCure Arch installed in a Z-Air Spray Booth.

Dual Z-Air Spray Booths with the additional Flash Off Cycle and adjoining Paint Mix Room.