Z Air Truck Spray Booth

Description  |  Full Downdraft Truck & Bus Spray Booth


  • 75mm off white EPS paneling
  • Suitable for waterborne


  • Four (4) bi fold doors, single glazed
  • Personnel/Escape doors


  • Full LED lighting wall and ceiling mounted at 45 degrees, accessible externally of the spray booth cabin


  • Automatic control system
  • Total airflow and temperature control

Air Handling Equipment

  • Motors are operated using Variable Frequency Drives which gives a large power reduction compared to fixed-speed operation. This dramatically reduces electricity consumption, leading to huge savings as a result of lower running costs
  • Direct fired gas burners
  • Cabin recirculation for bake cycle
  • Side, rear or roof mounted options available
  • 7.5kw 960rpm direct drive centrifugal intake fans
  • 7.5kw 960rpm direct drive centrifugal exhaust fans


  • Installation of ductwork to suit site, complete with roof flashings
  • Exhaust ductwork has one vertical discharge/weather cowl installed minimum three (3) metres above the roof

Filter Media

  • All filter media included

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