The success of R&I Zambesi comes from the humble beginnings of a family-owned and operated business. Over forty years ago, husband and wife team, Russell and Irene Zambesi decided it was time to go out on their own in the Automotive Spray Painting Industry. Forging their own path, they began a small operation from their home with 3 young boys running around. Their business soon grew, as did their family. Russell and Irene had saved enough money to purchase their first factory located in Peakhurst, just around the corner from where R&I Zambesi is located today.

Fast forward thirty years and you will find Mark and Ryan Zambesi, the second and third generation of the Zambesi family, are forging new paths with the business, alongside some of their original staff members.

“We always believe that if you treat people right, and look after your customers, they will keep coming back.” – Irene Zambesi

Those values remain the same today, as you walk through the office and factory at R&I Zambesi, you can hear the team laughing and chatting with their customers as if they were old friends. As a Family Owned and Operated business, R & I Zambesi pride themselves on their quality of work and products and do not compromise. Working with some of Australia’s leading companies across the country, the Zambesi team have a true understanding of the industry and equipment they work with, often providing these companies with creative solutions that save their customers time and money. Get your paint booth installation Services here.

Over the past few years the third generation of Zambesi’s has seen the business soar to new heights with the introduction of their Z Air Spray Booth Range. Renowned for their ability to provide a high quality spray booth that is affordable and easy to operate, the success of the Z Air Spray Booth range has shown just how much the market needed this type of solution.

Royan Truck & Trailer Repairs in Chipping Norton NSW were so impressed with the results of their Z-Air Plus Full Down Draft Heated Truck Booth and Large Parts Booth, they approached the Z Team again to work with them on their next project. “R&I Zambesi exceeded our expectations when it came to quality, service and price” said Damien Wood of Royan Truck & Trailer Repairs, “The workshop design and installation process by the Z Team was made easy and we could not be happier.”  The Z Team worked with Royan’s again recently to design a 20m long truck booth with an adjoining mixing room and focused on providing them a seamless install with minimal downtime whilst delivering an easy-to-use, fully automated system that included comprehensive training for their staff.

R&I Zambesi have been in business for a long time and they’ve seen it all, from the best of the best to the very worst when it comes to spray booths. Too often they have seen customers stung with cheaper imitation booths and products over the years which in turn, have caused long term damage and delays in clients’ business resulting in loss of income. R&I Zambesi pride themselves on their ongoing support and service for their customers, making sure that Preventative Maintenance Schedules are put in place and working with their customers to ensure the Z-Air spray booths are running efficiently and effectively over the course of their life.

It’s clear to say that R&I Zambesi are among the best in the business when it comes to Spray Booth Repairs, Service and Installation. Priding themselves on delivering quality products and customer service, it’s a no-brainer as to why their customers continue to come back to them. Their knowledge of the industry, combined with fresh and innovative new ideas, will continue to see them hitting new heights in the years to come. Request a call back here:

Z Team in old SAICO Spray Booth (early 80’s)

The Z Team today outside their factory in Peakhurst

Royan Truck and Trailer Repairs 20m Truck Booth and Spare Parts Booth installed by Z Team