IRT Cross Rail System

Infrared IRT Cross Rail System assists with reducing curing times for all paint materials.

Dryers are suspended in permanently installed rails and is easy gliding and self-balancing, both laterally and vertically in all directions. As the electric power supply is integrated in the rails, there are no loose cables dragging along the floor disrupting work and raking up dust. Easy to use and the curing time is reduced to a minimum. The dryers are equipped with advanced technology such as a temperature measurement, laser circle and ultrasonic distance sensor.

They can also be used as a stand alone system, fitted with wheels to be used on smaller parts.


  • Two cassettes (12 kW), mounted on a 6m long cross rail with a 4m wide span.
  • Rail extensions available for larger spans.
  • Unique possibilities to position the cassettes
  • Gold-coated FreeForm reflectors for optimal heat distribution
  • Computerized monitoring of curing
  • Pyrometer for exact temperature control
  • Laser circle indicates where temperature measuring takes place
  • Electronic distance sensor
  • 12 pre-set and 3 custom programs
  • Can cure all paint materials
  • Smart stand design
  • Efficient particle filter on the cassettes
  • Powerful ventilation that cools the cassettes and increases lamp life


  • Can be customised to suit all workshops for a optimised workflow and personalised needs.
  • Reach and quickly manoeuvre the heater into the perfect curing position, reaching all parts of the vehicle.


  • Reach and quickly manoeuvre the heater into the perfect curing position, reaching all parts of the vehicle, ensuring less risk for unintentional damage to the car.
  • Excellent fit in tight areas between cars.
  • The rails can be equipped with any number of heaters, all hanging on easy-glide, self-balanced cassette arms.
  • Precious space between the vehicles can be saved, and no loose or trailing cables on the floor disturb the work process.
  • If there are obstructions around the suspension points/ceiling, such as ventilation, construction beams etc., underhung cross rail system is more suitable.
    • Adapted for the preparation area and the paint booth
    • Can be installed on the wall or ceiling
    • Can be customised to suit all workshops

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