Automotive repair and refinish is a fast-paced industry where production is constantly being turned up a notch. R&I Zambesi has kept their finger on the pulse when it comes to workflow and are always looking to improve their customers’ efficiency in panel shops.

In doing so, the Z Team have introduced a variety of additional spray booth features that are proving significant increases in production times and saving their customers money.

The Z-Air Flash Off Cycle is just one of the functions that can be added to the Z-Air Plus Spray Booth model which is designed to speed up the drying time of eco-friendly water based paints. The flash off technology uses auxiliary air movement and increased air temperature to speed up the curing of water based paints. This function allows for the water to evaporate more rapidly into the air stream resulting in quicker drying times between base coats and is 100% user-friendly, allowing easy automatic switching between spray cycles. Get the best Paint booth maintenance service you ever had before.

The Infrared IRT PowerCure Arch is another additional feature that many businesses are opting for which is designed to be installed inside the spray booth. The arch cures typical damage in 10 minutes or less with just 10 minutes of cool downtime. This rapid curing increases production whilst also saving energy by using smart technology to use the exact amount of energy needed for the curing job, turning on and off in a fraction of a second with no pre-heating required.

Tracey Richards of Geoff Richards Panel Beating in Dubbo NSW said “We have increased production by over 40% since having our new Z-Air Plus Spray Booth and IRT PowerCure Arch installed. We have seen an increase in profit and we are so happy we invested in this equipment for our shop.”

The team at R&I Zambesi are leaders in providing efficient, time-saving, cost-effective and high-volume solutions for the vehicle repair sector. Their goal is to keep improving the products on offer within the industry to assist businesses to continue to be successful and profitable. Contact us here: