In the past 40 years of business, we’ve seen many different brands and types of spray booths come and go in the automotive industry. The team at R & I Zambesi have seen it all, from the most fancy, high tech spray booths right down to the make shift systems. We know what defines a good quality, reliable spray booth that is also cost effective and productive for your business. This extensive knowledge is how R & I Zambesi have developed and designed our new Z-Air range of products.

Whether it’s a new shop, an upgrade to your business or a necessary decision after the death of a spray booth, there’s a few things business owners should be considering. We have some tips to help you understand what you should be ticking off your checklist of requirements when selecting a new spray booth.

1.     Ease of use – Making sure the spray booth is user friendly and easy for your staff to be trained on how to operate. Are gimmicky features really necessary?

2.     Reliability – Can you guarantee the spray booth will run efficiently over the course of its lifetime? Can spare parts be readily and locally sourced?

3.     Warranty – Does the company installing it offer a warranty on the spray booth?

4.     Assistance – Does the company installing the spray booth offer training, maintenance and priority customer service should you need their assistance?

5.     Cost – Can you see the cost as an investment in the business, not only the spray booth itself but the service you will get from the company installing it?

6.     Timeframe – What is the timeframe the spray booth can be installed in?

7.     Knowledge – Do you feel comfortable in how knowledgeable the company installing the spray booth is?

8.     Customisation – Can the spray booth be designed to fit the requirements of your shop and business?

9.     Standards – Does the spray booth comply to the current Australian Standards?

One of the main things we notice in spray booths over the years is how little they are serviced. This is the leading factor in why spray booths break down or have issues over the course of their life, causing delays in production and loss of income for shops. With all of our Z-Air spray booths, we make sure that Preventative Maintenance Schedules are put in place and we work in with you to ensure your spray booth is running efficiently and effectively over the course of its life. Servicing guarantees a longer lifetime and will limit breakdowns, which cause unwanted disruptions.

Since launching our new line of Z-Air Spray Booths, we’ve been told from our clients that we tick all of these boxes from providing a high quality, efficient booth right down to ensuring our clients have a smooth and simple experience when installing a new spray booth.