Z Air Open Face Spray Booth

Description  |  Z-AIR Open Face Canopy Spray Booth

Dimensions  |  All sizes available

Cabin Construction  |  White EPS Polystyrene panelling, complete with Aluminium capping

Control System

  • Full purge control board complete with compliance kit
  • Air monitoring switches
  • Purge system with intrinsic barriers and signage



  • All filter media included


  • Installation of ductwork to suit site, complete with roof flashings
  • Exhaust ductwork has one vertical discharge/weather cowl installed minimum three (3) metres above roof

Air Handling Equipment

  • Direct drive tube axial EXE rated exhaust motor and fan unit

Optional Items

  • Filtered doors constructed of RHS aluminium section completed with MFM102 grade filter, continuous piano hinges, locks and hardware

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