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R&I Zambesi encourage all our customers to ensure they are servicing and maintaining their spray booths regularly and only using high quality spray booth filters and products to limit breakdowns, which cause unwanted disruptions to production.

One of the leading causes of spray booth breakdowns is due to lack of service and maintenance. When our customers invest in their equipment and service it regularly, in return it will prolong the life and increase the volume of completed work it can produce.

With all of our Z-Air spray booths, we only ever replace filters with the highest grade German manufactured Z-Air spray booth filters. We also make sure that Preventative Maintenance Schedules are put in place and we work in with our customers to ensure our Z-Air spray booths are running efficiently and effectively over the course of their life. Learn more in a case study about how to use spray booth filters. This will give you a full idea about all miss-consiption.

Don’t get caught out by cheap imitation filters that can be detrimental to your spray booth. Our spray booth filters are custom cut to suit any make or model of spray booth and can be ordered in less than 2 minutes!

Why Z-Air Filters?

  • Z-Air exhaust filters last much longer when using water-based paints than other imitations

  • Z-Air Filters life spans are usually 2-3 times longer than most others on the market

  • Our high quality filters are all manufactured and produced in Germany

  • Filters custom cut to order to fit all makes and models of spray booths

  • Filters guaranteed to prolong time between services

  • Z-Team easy ordering system

  • Don’t get caught out with cheap imitation filters

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