One of the main products R&I Zambesi is renowned for is their high quality German made Z Air Spray Booth Filters which they have been providing to customers in the industry for over 40 years. Because the Z Team has serviced and maintained such a large number of spray booths in the industry for so many years, they’ve seen the best and the worst.

While many businesses look to reduce costs and boost productivity, the Z Team ensure their customers don’t neglect one of their main business assets – their spray booth! Many businesses in the industry underplay the role of spray booth filters, often thinking they will continue to clean and filter the air and dust particles far beyond their specified life span. This is not the case. The importance of replacing spray booth filters can more often than not, be detrimental to the life span of the spray booth itself. The spray booth begins working overtime to push the air through clogged up filters and will eventually push the spray booth to its limits. R&I Zambesi always recommends spray booth filters are replaced regularly. Most of their customers are on Preventative Maintenance Schedules, automatically providing them with new spray booth filters as recommended, which in turn reduces the time and cost of servicing the spray booth.

When it comes to spray booth filters, R&I Zambesi are a wealth of knowledge, stocking and cutting all types of spray booth filters such as spray booth inlet filter, exhaust filter, binks filter and activated carbon filter. The Z team have made it simple for their customers to access their Z Air Spray Booth Filters by using an easy phone ordering system, with dedicated employees that can assist in ordering new or replacement spray booth filters, custom sizes cut to order or buying bulk spray booth filters.

R&I Zambesi are passionate about providing high quality and reliable Spray Booth Filters at a competitive price in the industry and will ensure they continue to raise the standard of service and assisting to boost productivity for their customers.

Z Air Spray Booth with Z Air Spray Booth Exhaust Filters.

Z Air Spray Booth Exhaust Filter