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It seems that in todays fast paced society, everybody wants everything done yesterday! The truth is, vehicle repairs are not exempt from that rush we all seem to find ourselves caught in. During the past 40 years of business at R&I Zambesi, we’ve seen a growing need for efficient, time-saving, cost effective and high volume solutions in the commercial vehicle repair sector and our new range of Z-Air Spray Booth products have quickly become the missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle.

After working with some of Australia’s leading commercial vehicle and transport companies across the country, our team have a true understanding of what is required from a Spray Booth and how to tackle any obstacles that might arise. Providing an outstanding finished product is only one part of the process when it comes to commercial repairs and refinishing. We often sit down with our customers and discuss how we can design and manufacture a custom Z-Air Spray Booth that not only produces a flawless finish but is cost effective, easy for their staff to use and is completely reliable so to prevent any downtime.

“R&I Zambesi exceeded our expectations when it came to quality, service and price”

Royan Truck & Trailer Repairs in Chipping Norton NSW were so impressed with the results of their Z-Air Plus Full Down Draft Heated Truck Spray Booth and Large Parts Spray Booth last year, they approached us again to work with them on their next project. “R&I Zambesi exceeded our expectations when it came to quality, service and price” said Damien Wood of Royan Truck & Trailer Repairs, “The workshop design and installation process by the Z Team was made easy and we could not be happier.” Earlier this year, we worked with the team again to design a 20m long truck booth with adjoining mixing room. Our team focused on providing a seamless install with minimal downtime for the customer whilst delivering an easy-to-use, fully automated system that included comprehensive training for their staff.

We’ve seen many customers stung by cheap imitation booths and products over the years which in return, cause long term damage and delays in their business resulting in loss of income. In order to prevent any potential hiccups, there are a few things we advise all businesses to consider before selecting any new product:

1.     Quality – Has the product been well manufactured and designed with the business in mind?

2.     Standards – Does the product comply to the current Australian Standards?

3.     Cost – Can you see the cost as an investment in the business?

4.     Ease of use – Is it user friendly? Are gimmicky features really necessary?

5.     Reliability – Will it run efficiently and can spare parts be readily and locally sourced?

6.     Warranty – Does the company offer a warranty?

7.     Customer Service – Are you happy with the communication from the company?

Selecting the right product for your business is just the tip of the iceberg. Too often businesses invest in a brand new booth but forget about ongoing servicing which can be detrimental to the booths lifetime. We encourage all our customers to ensure they are servicing and maintaining their booths regularly and using high quality filters and products to limit breakdowns, which cause unwanted disruptions to production. With all of our Z-Air spray booths, we make sure that Preventative Maintenance Schedules are put in place and we work in with our customers to ensure our Z-Air spray booths are running efficiently and effectively over the course of their life.

The team at R&I Zambesi are leaders in providing efficient, time-saving, cost effective and high volume solutions for businesses and organisations in the commercial space. Our goal is to always ensure our customers have a smooth and simple experience from start to finish.