It’s no wonder R&I Zambesi are the pick of the crop when it comes to custom spray booth installations, with over 40 years experience under the belt, they are a wealth of knowledge and have many industry tips and tricks.

Their Z-Air range of booths not only look the part but the height and length requirements can be designed to suit any shop or business needs. The Z Team have worked with some of the industry’s biggest and best to create shop floorplans or concealed designs that deliver a functional but neat and tidy look.

A recent install they completed at Trans Pacific Auto Body Repair is a great example of how R&I Zambesi can offer different height solutions to allow work on all different types of vehicles. This installation was designed taking into account differing roof heights, workshop flow and the overall look of the space. Trans Pacific Auto Body work on an array of vehicles and required enough room to spray the top of large vans. R&I Zambesi provided them with two Z-Air Spray Booths, the first with a 3 metre door opening and the other at a standard height, complete with roof mounted air handling equipment to create more floor space. The installation was completed with an adjoining paint mix room and external prep bay.

Another great feature of the Z-Air Spray Booths that many businesses are taking advantage of is the Z-Air Flash Off Cycle. This feature is designed to speed up the drying time of eco-friendly water based paints using auxiliary air movement and increased air temperature to rapidly increase the curing process. It can be used as an automatic function that switches on after the painting process and allows staff to continue with other work, increasing workshop efficiency.

With a great team and a real passion for the industry, it’s a no brainer as to why this family owned and operated business is the first choice for many of those in the industry when it comes to spray booth needs. They offer a range of spray booths, filters and products that can assist panel beating businesses in achieving efficiency and profitability.

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Custom 4 metre and 3.5 metre high Z-Air spray booths with adjoining paint mix room at Trans Pacific Auto Body Repair.