The automotive repair industry is not exempt from the fast-paced way of doing business that we are all facing these days. Many businesses in the vehicle repair industry are struggling to keep up with the demands of production whilst maintaining efficiency and keeping costs to a minimum, which is why it is more important than ever to ensure your spray painting equipment is supporting the business in more ways than one.

In the past 40 years of business R&I Zambesi have seen a growing need for efficient, time-saving, cost effective and high-volume solutions in the vehicle repair sector and their new range of Z-Air spray booth products have quickly become the missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle.

RIZ design and manufacture custom Z-Air Spray Booths that not only produce a flawless finish but are cost effective, easy for staff to operate and are completely reliable so to prevent any downtime and ensure production is operating at its best.

Some of the ways in which RIZ can solve so many of these concerns for businesses is by offering an array of features in their spray booths that boost production and save money. These features include, energy saving solutions, IRT technology, flash off cycles and internal spray booth ramps.

The Infrared IRT PowerCure Arch that many businesses are opting for is designed to be installed inside the spray booth and cures typical damage in 10 minutes or less with another 10 minutes of cool down time. This rapid curing increases production whilst also saving energy by using smart technology to only use the exact energy needed for the curing job, turning on and off in a fraction of a second with no pre-heating required.

The Z-Air Flash Off Cycle is another function that can be added to the Z-Air Plus Spray Booth model which is also designed to speed up the drying time of eco-friendly water based paints. Flash off technology uses auxiliary air movement and increased air temperature to speed up the curing of water based paints. This function allows for the water to evaporate more rapidly into the air stream resulting in quicker drying times between base coats and is user-friendly allowing easy switching between spray cycles.

Workshop and internal spray booth size have always been an issue to overcome when running any panel shop. Traditionally, spray booth ramps have created dead space in workshops. The solution RIZ have designed as an option on their spray booths are internal ramps. Internal ramps can be added to all Z-Air Full Down draft spray booths at no additional cost, eliminating dead space. This usually results in a 2 metre extension in typical spray booth cabin length, allowing for a larger area to paint additional parts.

Energy saving solutions are another key factor in running any productive panel shop. This is always a significant factor when RIZ are developing their range of Z-Air Spray Painting Equipment. RIZ have successfully integrated a range of energy saving solutions including Variable Frequency Drives to operate motors; which gives a large power reduction compared to fixed speed operation, cabin recirculation features for bake cycle; which reduces gas consumption and recycles cabin air for a rapid temperature rising rate, and LED lighting solutions across all Z-Air Spray Painting Equipment. These features dramatically reduce electricity and gas consumption, leading to huge savings as a result of lower running costs in your spray booth.

The team at R&I Zambesi are leaders in providing efficient, time-saving, cost effective and high-volume solutions for the vehicle repair sector. Their goal is to keep improving the spray painting and panel beating products on offer within the industry to assist businesses to continue to be successful and profitable.